Guest Blogger: Collaboration & Innovation – Getting Your Teams to Step Up!

Out of the 400,000+ products I have to market for US Markerboard one of my favorite is IdeaPaint. One of the main focuses of this blog has been innovative products and services for schools and businesses, and so far they’ve all been applications or websites. IdeaPaint is good old fashion creativity that has a cool … Continue reading

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The Rise of PTOs and PTAs

Since beginning at US Markerboard I’ve learned a great deal about the education system in our country. It’s amazing how much research goes into marketing to schools and educational outlets. Schools and teachers are the toughest to market to because of the stringent guidelines they are forced into due to their incomprehensibly tight budgets. So … Continue reading

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Going Green While Saving Green

As Earth Day came and went, we saw a week of innovations in the green initiative. Since Al Gore’s Oscar winning movie “Inconvenient Truth,” the world has been obsessed with revitalizing the economy through means of a more socially conscious way of life…or “going green.” Corporations have embraced the new social experiment as a way … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Technology – Leveling the Playing Field for Children with Learning Disabilities

As we discussed in yesterday’s post, technology is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s classroom. As the internet, video games, and television take over the lives of kids, its no surprise that their attention spans while at school are minuscule to non-existent. One way to combat this is to include all of those aspects … Continue reading

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To Charter or Not to Charter?

After working in the school furnishing industry for a little while, you start to notice a few trends in sales and where they are coming from. When dealing with public schools, often times you speak with teachers who say they would love to purchase that Copernicus learning cart but unfortunately due to the economy and … Continue reading

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