Guest Blogger: New Media and the Internet Savvy Bride

Noelle Schiller is a friend of mine who works in the chaotic world of planning weddings. If you’re married or have been married and are reading this, then I’m sure you feel her pain. If you thought planning your wedding is tough trying coordinating one and doing it regularly…that’s Noelle. Not only does she have … Continue reading

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Riding the Wave of Social Media Marketing

In an age where even 30 second clips on YouTube now have advertisements, companies are looking for new ways to sell their brand without annoying their demographic and spending millions of dollars doing it. The wild world of social media has been an eye opening experience to a lot of marketing professionals, especially that haven’t … Continue reading

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Are You LinkedIn?

It goes without saying that the past few years have been tough on the job market. The US has been crippled with startling unemployment rates and even though there has been some progress recently, unemployed Americans still see themselves as having a huge mountain of uncertainty to overcome. In a time where unemployment rates are … Continue reading

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