Guest Blogger: The Education of Lyrical

PM Plourde is the poster-child for this blog. The week he is our guest blogger and you can learn his story through his own words, but when I say his influence as an educator has affected many, its an understatement. His rap alter-ego “Lyrical” is the darling of the Boston hip hop scene, one of … Continue reading

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The iPad: Changing the Future of the Classrooms

I hate to jump on bandwagons, but since this blog revolves around innovation in education and business, I wouldn’t be doing my job to write a post on the new Apple iPad. The iPad has been dubbed the future of classroom education offering students and teachers an interactive way to learn. I visited an Apple … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Who Knew Franchising Could Be So Sweet?

At the age of 23 Tarang Gosalia brought something to the landscape of downtown Boston that had been desperately missing…A legitimate Frozen Yogurt Empire. At an unusually young age Tarang, a recent graduate of Babson College, has successfully franchised his first Red Mango store in downtown Boston with the Plan to open multiple units in the coming years. Tarang offered up this blog entry to talk about how Franchising just may be the way to go when starting a new business.

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Can Music Be Your One-Way Ticket To a Better Education?

“Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.” –Ludwig van Beethoven More and more reports are surfacing that music could be the key to unlock the minds of young children. Enough studies have been published to determine whether or not music is beneficial in the learning process, and the results … Continue reading

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Facebook Will Soon Take Over the World.

For years now Google has had a strangle-hold over the online advertising market. Google Ad-words have been a tool for many businesses ranging in industry and size to help get their company out to the people at an affordable rate. Ad-words take keywords and allow advertisers to display their advertisements in the Google network, through … Continue reading

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Welcome to “US Innovators” a new blog presented by US Markerboard. The purpose of the blog is to offer news and details of new innovations in the education and business industries. The blog will be unique because it will mix together product reviews, company profiles, people profiles, and every Friday will feature a guest blog … Continue reading

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