Social Media in Politics…The New Front-Line

As major state level campaigns begin to heat up in the race to the November elections, we begin to see an overwhelming presence of politics ingrained into our social media lives. Gone are the days where people make the very important decision of voting for a political candidate based on how many yard signs they … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Collaboration & Innovation – Getting Your Teams to Step Up!

Out of the 400,000+ products I have to market for US Markerboard one of my favorite is IdeaPaint. One of the main focuses of this blog has been innovative products and services for schools and businesses, and so far they’ve all been applications or websites. IdeaPaint is good old fashion creativity that has a cool … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Who Knew Franchising Could Be So Sweet?

At the age of 23 Tarang Gosalia brought something to the landscape of downtown Boston that had been desperately missing…A legitimate Frozen Yogurt Empire. At an unusually young age Tarang, a recent graduate of Babson College, has successfully franchised his first Red Mango store in downtown Boston with the Plan to open multiple units in the coming years. Tarang offered up this blog entry to talk about how Franchising just may be the way to go when starting a new business.

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