Guest Blogger: The Death of Monolingualism

Chris Jefferies works as an online language tutor for a new online company called Squarko. Based out of the UK, Squarko offers in-depth courses for a number of different foreign languages. Essentially you’re in a one man virtual classroom interacting with friendly and knowledgeable tutors who are easily accessible and work around your schedule. In … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Homeschooling In the Digital Age

Angie Knutson is the creator of an insanely popular blog “My Four Monkeys” a product review site for moms and dads. Angie has (you guessed it) four kids which she home-schools. Her blog chronicles the life of a home school while offering up tips and suggestions for other like minded parents. She also offers tons … Continue reading

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Going Green While Saving Green

As Earth Day came and went, we saw a week of innovations in the green initiative. Since Al Gore’s Oscar winning movie “Inconvenient Truth,” the world has been obsessed with revitalizing the economy through means of a more socially conscious way of life…or “going green.” Corporations have embraced the new social experiment as a way … Continue reading

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The New Wave of Social Media In Politics

Before working at US Markerboard, I worked in politics in. Politics is a fascinating atmosphere especially for marketing; I would even argue that it’s a marketer’s dream industry. You have the ability to take this product (candidate) who is virtually unknown and build him/her into a household name within a matter of months. Now a … Continue reading

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Blogs: The New Frontier of Online Marketing

Perhaps I’m a bit biased, and maybe this post might become a little self indulgent, but blogs have become an almost necessity in the marketing game over the last few years. The term “blog” is basically a shortened version of the words:“web log” (because that’s so hard and tedious to say).  Some of the original … Continue reading

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