Social Media in Politics…The New Front-Line

As major state level campaigns begin to heat up in the race to the November elections, we begin to see an overwhelming presence of politics ingrained into our social media lives. Gone are the days where people make the very important decision of voting for a political candidate based on how many yard signs they … Continue reading

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Riding the Wave of Social Media Marketing

In an age where even 30 second clips on YouTube now have advertisements, companies are looking for new ways to sell their brand without annoying their demographic and spending millions of dollars doing it. The wild world of social media has been an eye opening experience to a lot of marketing professionals, especially that haven’t … Continue reading

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Blogs: The New Frontier of Online Marketing

Perhaps I’m a bit biased, and maybe this post might become a little self indulgent, but blogs have become an almost necessity in the marketing game over the last few years. The term “blog” is basically a shortened version of the words:“web log” (because that’s so hard and tedious to say).  Some of the original … Continue reading

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It’s Been a Big Week for Twitter

Twitter, the social networking and micro blogging service has been one of if not the fastest growing social media craze in the last year. From what began as a small gimmick that only a few people were using as a way to constantly update their friends on their lives, has exploded into a media giant … Continue reading

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Are You LinkedIn?

It goes without saying that the past few years have been tough on the job market. The US has been crippled with startling unemployment rates and even though there has been some progress recently, unemployed Americans still see themselves as having a huge mountain of uncertainty to overcome. In a time where unemployment rates are … Continue reading

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Facebook Will Soon Take Over the World.

For years now Google has had a strangle-hold over the online advertising market. Google Ad-words have been a tool for many businesses ranging in industry and size to help get their company out to the people at an affordable rate. Ad-words take keywords and allow advertisers to display their advertisements in the Google network, through … Continue reading

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