Taking All the Difficulty Out of Cooking

Hello, remember me? It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write a post here because things have been so hectic in both life and work, I’m sure you understand.

Well with all this stuff going on what could make me want to stop, sit down and write a new blog post? A great new website called Plummelo. While in highschool and college I worked in restaurants and pretty much any job you could ever do. Despite a decade in the food industry I never really had a true interest in the art of cooking until my college job as an expeditor for an awesome new restaurant called Il Casale located just outside of Boston. Il Casale is run by well known chef Dante de Magistris and has recently been noted as one of the hottest new restaurants in the COUNTRY by Esquire magazine. While working as an expeditor in the kitchen I spent a lot of time talking to the Executive Chef, Daniele Baliani (who you may recognize from the Freschetta commercials) and  when you listen to the way he talks about cooking and how much passion he has for it, you’d be hard pressed to not take interest in it yourself.  The one problem with taking an interest in cooking your senior year of college is…well being a senior in college. I was (am) clueless on what I needed at the store, and even when I got everything I had no idea how to even cook (minor details).

-Enter Plummelo.com-

Set up an account at Plummelo.com

I discovered Plummelo.com in a blog for innovative new startups and they just so happen to be based locally out of Boston Mass where I happen to live. is an innovative new website that aims at revolutionizing the way people cook in the digital age.  Plummelo allows you to easily set up member accounts for free that act as a central hub for all of your favorite online recipes found on some of the premier cooking sites like: TheFoodNetwork.com, AllRecipes.com, and MarthaStewart.com. Plummelo also has begun partnering up with cooking blogs to expand their network of expansive and delicious recipes. Plummelo aims to provide an integrated solution that gives people a new channel through which they can decide what to cook, what to buy, and where to buy all in one place. Essentially with their Plummelo account and recipes in toe, members now have an intensive shopping list that will ensure their meal will come out perfectly, and won’t miss that crucial spice or garnish.

If you’re a fan of cooking, you’re definitely going to want to check out the site, like I said its free to join and it seems like they’re gearing up for some big promotion on Monday June 26th so that will be interesting to check out.  And I also hope to get contribute more often so keep checking back to US Innovators .

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