Two Innovative Products…One Great Solution

Innovation, the dictionary defines it as “a new way of doing something.” Now a days businesses and schools often times find themselves looking for innovations to help expand productivity and making the learning experience better. In the blog we’ve already covered a bunch of classroom and business innovations, and one of my guest bloggers even touched on one of my favorites, but didn’t really expand on how important it can be to schools and businesses, that product would be IdeaPaint.

I started to learn about IdeaPaint after I started here at US Markerboard, the product was about as new to the company as I was. The



concept of IdeaPaint was conceived around 2002 when three Babson students were trying to think up ideas for a business project. The group came up with the idea to try to create a whole wall of whiteboards to give them the maximum amount of space to write all their notes and ideas down. Although the idea was good in theory, it was extremely expensive to do (think of paying for 10 whiteboards at the same time). Instead they thought of a paint solution; some might think (myself included) why wasn’t this created a long time ago, it seems so obvious? It wasn’t created because people didn’t think it was chemically possible; The group bounced around to different labs until one finally was willing to take a shot and viola, IdeaPaint was born.

What IdeaPaint offers is a unique opportunity to change your office or classroom walls into a giant writing workspace. Here at US Markerboard we painted a whole wall full of IdeaPaint and now use it for meetings; it’s a great product and can save schools and businesses a ton of money in the long run.

My other favorite new innovative product is by a new company called “TouchIT.” TouchIT offers an interactive whiteboard that will

TouchIT Interactive Boards

revolutionize the way businesses, colleges, and schools use whiteboards.
The TouchIT board works in conjunction with any data projector and any computer, which creates a touch-based interactive whiteboard allowing full control of your PC from the whiteboard, very cool.

By using your finger or a stylus, the TouchIT Board works just like a mouse allowing both left and right click functionality. So basically with this board, you now have a giant tablet computer screen that you also write on.
There are products out there like this, but for way more money and with way less functionality. US Markerboard are the only people that sell it so far, but I am convinced products and boards like this will be the wave of the future for meetings and classroom lectures; they allow every student and meeting members to interact with the board at the same time with personal tablets.

I suggest anyone reading my blog check these products out. If you have had experience with either products please tell us about it in the comment section, and be sure to check back tomorrow for our weekly guest blog entry.

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3 Responses to “Two Innovative Products…One Great Solution”
  1. Dave says:

    Love these ideas. You can also buy 4′ X 8′ sheets of white melamine for about twelve bucks that can be used as dry-erase boards. They work great! We outfitted our entire office for under $75, would’ve cost us a couple grand if we bought dry erase boards from Staples and it’s even cheaper than ideapaint, though admittedly not as cool.

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