Guest Blogger: Collaboration & Innovation – Getting Your Teams to Step Up!

Out of the 400,000+ products I have to market for US Markerboard one of my favorite is IdeaPaint. One of the main focuses of this blog has been innovative products and services for schools and businesses, and so far they’ve all been applications or websites. IdeaPaint is good old fashion creativity that has a cool story behind it. 3 college kids decided they needed a bigger writing space than a traditional whiteboard would allow, so they improvised. They first considered whiteboard panels to line a wall with, but that can get pretty expensive so they thought up the idea of a whiteboard paint thus giving birth to IdeaPaint. After being told it wasn’t possible countless times, the boys finally found a laboratory that would give it a shot, low and behold  IdeaPaint is now on the scene and spreading like wildfire. Shows like Extreme Home Makeover are utilizing it, and it’s featured constantly on network business shows. The quality of the paint is superior, it takes any smooth surface and transforms it into a premium surface whiteboard so with up to a 10 year warranty, so it’s not just some cheap paint that will chip off in a year or two. Rich Segall the Director of Office Products and Education at IdeaPaint took some time to write up a blog post about the product, so take it from the professional…this product is cool.

Many leaders today struggle with the challenge of getting their teams to drive innovation and collaboration within their organizations.  Whether it’s a product that should to be developed to address a consumer need, an idea to change the process of getting things done, or maybe ways to make the workplace more enjoyable, innovation and collaboration does not come easy for many!  While the great people at   IdeaPaint are no experts, we have had experts confirm that one important factor to consider is the environment that is provided when looking for teams to get together to share ideas and brainstorm.

Enter   IdeaPaint!    IdeaPaint is a single coat, roller applied dry erase paint that can transform any smooth surface intoa high performing dry erase surface without seams, borders, or restrictions on size and placement.  In fact,   IdeaPaint is the highest performing dry-erase surface available today!  With over 20,000 installations since the company’s inception only 2 short years ago,   IdeaPaint has been applied to walls in conference rooms, training centers, offices, and classrooms within some of the most recognized companies and universities in the country.  It’s even been applied to doors and tables … and bikes, I-phone covers,, and water bottles!  The experts have confirmed that   IdeaPaint helps to create the space for idea formation and clarification of goals and action plans in a way that invites EVERYONE to participate and review at their own time and speed due to EVERYTHING being posted in such a visible way.  Most companies that may have

originally chose to apply   IdeaPaint on one wall in a conference room, have come back asking for more so they can create 360 degree innovation environments wherever their teams gather together.

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IdeaPaint PRO is our most durable dry erase material and should be considered for all high use environments such as training centers, classrooms, and centers of innovation and idea generation.  It is the preferred dry-erase coating for challenging installation situations such as curved walls, or walls that are greater than 9 feet in tall.   If you’re looking to transform chalkboards in to marker boards or restore old and worn out marker boards, PRO is the recommended choice.    IdeaPaint PRO is supported by a Lifetime Warranty.

Water-based with lower VOC’s,   IdeaPaint CRE-8 provides an environmentally friendly and lower cost option for

transforming any space into a hub of creativity and collaboration.  CRE-8 is recommended for medium usage environments such as a personal offices or conference rooms.    IdeaPaint CRE-8 is backed by a 10 year warranty, and conforms to California Proposition 65.

Rich Segall – Director, Office Products & Education at IdeaPaint

To try get a free sample swatch of IdeaPaint click here and make sure you mention that you heard about it from US Markerboard!

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