The Role of Technology in The Classroom

As the internet and technology become more prevalent in our daily lives, there seems to be one industry that hasn’t quite got the message yet, schools. It’s a bit confusing and almost ironic that these places for knowledge and expansion haven’t really caught on to the tech wave like just about every other industry, ever.

Technology offers so many different tactics to help improve the learning experience in the classroom. Think back to when you were in school, for some it’s been 20-30 years ago while others may be in class right now, but the one thing both probably have in common is that they were reading the same textbooks, and writing on the same chalkboards. Schools tend to be extremely frugal, mostly because of its budget.

Some schools have seen a wave of technology introduced into their classrooms, and have experienced terrific results as you’ll read from tomorrow’s guest blogger. As I mentioned in the iPad post, new technology is allowing teachers to offer up learning experiences that are more effective than any lecture could ever be. Seeing something visually and audibly stimulating keeps the students mind’s at attention and able to retain knowledge easier.


United Lab Supply

US Markerboard put out a press release yesterday proclaiming the addition to its newest site United Lab Supply a site for high quality science and lab furniture and technology for schools and colleges. The release contained an interesting fact: Last year’s Stimulus awarded $650 million for schools to “Enhance Education through Technology” which raises the stakes for schools to provide a higher quality science experience. Could this mean that soon schools will be somewhat caught up technology-wise?

I think that part of the problem is who is in charge of purchasing and the teachers. The reason many schools still have these antiquated methods of teaching is become of who is doing the teaching! You aren’t going to have a 60 year old superintendant buying expensive scientific products because he’s used to beakers and Bunsen burners, not digital microscopes.

The most effective way school administrators can promote technology use is if they themselves are knowledgeable.  There is no denying the overwhelming statistics that show kids are more inclined to pay attention and learn with the prevalence of technology in the lesson or lecture. The stimulus boost to education was important, it’s good to see the government actually making strides in their promises to promote education in America. I’m sure that in 10 years the system will have caught up to technology and classrooms will be much more interactive. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s guest blogger Becky Kiley, where she talks specifically on how interactive teaching products help the learning experience with students who have learning disabilities.

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