The New Wave of Social Media In Politics

Before working at US Markerboard, I worked in politics in. Politics is a fascinating atmosphere especially for marketing; I would even argue that it’s a marketer’s dream industry. You have the ability to take this product (candidate) who is virtually unknown and build him/her into a household name within a matter of months.

Now a days, political campaigns aren’t fought the same way they used to be only years ago. The way candidates win now is through social media. One of the politicians I managed to keep in touch with is Representative Jeff Perry, who is now running for Congress. Jeff is a great guy who’s always been very nice to me and I asked him how prevalent social media is for his campaigns. He wrote me back a quick note that I thought I would share with you:


Representative Jeff Perry

My campaign for Congress is off to a tremendous beginning.  In the first quarter, I out-raised my opponents by more than 50% and was endorsed by U.S. Senator Scott Brown, Lt. Governor Kerry Healey and many other state, county and

local leaders.

A large part of my initial success is related to use of the Internet and social media.  Folks can find me at:

The 10th Congressional seat is very winnable for me.  Not only did I beat an incumbent in 2002 to gain my Massachusetts House of Representative seat, and have since been reelected by large numbers in 2004, 2006 and 2008, but United States Senator Scott Brown earned almost 60% in this Congressional District.  In addition, this District contains a balance of Republican and Democrat state and county elected officials, so hopefully my online exposure can give me an advantage.

Websites like Myspace and Facebook were critical in the 2008 presidential election that landed Barack Obama the top position. His young and vibrant approach to politics transcended into his online campaigns and ultimately helped him land the presidency. Young voters connected with him which led to a higher voter turnout amongst young voters in years, perhaps this could lead to younger people getting more involved in politics and having their voices heard. We shall see…

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