Guest Blogger: CSMC Relieves a Principal’s Headache

As you may recall we talked about the growing trend in Charter Schools on Wednesday. In that article we discussed one of the obstacles plaguing charter schools and even considered it a potential reason to shy away from some of them. The issue of course is management; in a typical school system the principal covers the administration of his/her particular school and leaves many of the back room issues to the school system or superintendent office. In charter schools, what you see is what you get. There are often no other administration people aside from the principal and teachers, leaving more time concentrated on finances and other business issues and less on the education aspect, which brings us to our guest blogger this week. Doug Hering is the Colorado Territory Manager for the Charter School Management Corporation. CSMC provides complete virtual back office services to charter schools. Doug has been active in the Colorado Department of Education Business Managers’ Network and the Charter School Support Initiative.

Charter schools have many challenges educating children.  Why do they have to also endure the problems of accounting other financial operations?  A principal’s primary responsibility needs to be on the education of students in the building and developing teachers.  That is a full time job and more.

About five years ago, Sandro Lanni had an idea.  He was one of the founders of a charter school and a long time business person.  He realized how much time charter school leaders were focusing on compliance and accounting issues.  Then he realized that this was being replicated in every charter school.  He knew that schools needed a more efficient and effective process.  He then decided to develop it.

Charter School

Charter School Management Corporation

Charter School Management Corporation began providing outsourced back office services for charter schools in a one stop shop using all of the current technologies that individual charter schools can’t afford.  Using a premier accounting software and payroll system, as well as skilled individuals, CSMC has created a model to save charter schools money and provide them with a higher level of competency than they could afford to hire.  In addition, school directors and principals now can leave that headache to CSMC rather than trying to manage it themselves.  This model is now in almost 100 schools in California, and CSMC recently opened a Colorado office.

As budgets tighten in this year, CSMC has built a structure that can help charter schools through the current economic situation as well as into the future.

-Doug Hering – Charter School Management Corporation Doug’s Colorado Charter School Examiner Page – see what Doug Hering and Peter Hilts have to say about the world of charter schools

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